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"The TRUE SELF Handbook - A Guide to Transform Your Life"

by Joanne Victoria

It's never too late to live your dream life. This "must read" companion to the Membership Program will show you how to take the first steps to a new life.

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"The TRUE SELF Handbook -
A Guide to Transform Your Life"

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"What does it mean to be your TRUE SELF"?

Your TRUE SELF is the person you always thought you were meant to be.

Being your TRUE SELF is about authentic happiness and joy. It is about living your life for yourself not anyone else.

Being your TRUE SELF is about living your life without fear. Your TRUE SELF is natural to its core.

You are your TRUE SELF when you are totally present with yourself and trusting that your heart knows best, even when you don't understand why your heart wants what it wants.

On your path to discover your own TRUE SELF, you will find yourself coming closer and closer to ongoing happiness and joy and the true value of your life. Your life will be better when you live it without fear, withoug doubt and without judgement.

In love and light,

"If you are dissatisfied with your life and want more success, happiness and the ability to make great decisions in your life, then join Joanne Victoria's membership program. Joanne's ability to communicate in a sensitive, humorous and direct manner helps people in a way that is well understood and greatly appreciated. I love working with her."
Judy Cullins, San Diego, CA

Joanne Victoria, co-founder of Gemma & Bixley, LLC, is the creator of VisionEtc™, a series of programs for people who want to accomplish more and still be true to who they really are. Known as America's Vision Coach™ and SoulCare Specialist™, Joanne is a Life Coach, Speaker and mentor.

Joanne is the author of 8 books, including Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams, Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want, The True Self Handbook, Achieve the Life You Want and Pushy For a Moment-Instant Solutions to Everyday Challenges.

Joanne's observations on what people can do to succeed have been reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, national Business Journals, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marie Claire magazine and national television and radio programs.


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